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Our Purpose

The Taproot is the central root from which other root systems grow. It is the key element that supports trees and other plants in the line of development. If the Taproot is compromised the plant will cease to grow and develop properly.

Taproot Therapy was developed to provide quality therapy services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples. It is our belief that similar to the plants so reliant on the Taproot for development, when individuals are exposed to adverse life experiences this can have a significant impact on the healthy emotional development of both the individual and their family system.

At Taproot Therapy our goal is to help individuals and their families process through the challenges life has dealt and begin to discover their own unique internal resources to overcome their past and start experiencing their best present. We believe that internal "root systems" can absolutely be healed with compassion and understanding and at Taproot Therapy our mission is to ensure clients have access to therapists that hold these core values.

What We Offer

Taproot Therapy offers individual, family, couples, and group therapy to individuals and systems two through adulthood. We have providers who are contracted with BCBS, Evernorth/Cigna, Aetna and Optum Behavioral Health/United Healthcare, as well as their subsidiary programs. We are also more than happy to provide you with the forms necessary to file an out of network claim requesting reimbursement with other insurance plans. Please note that you are responsible for knowing coverage reimbursement specific to your plan. We offer a sliding scale rate for clients paying privately starting at $50 per session.

We proudly offer access to therapists with unique skills and experience working with special populations including:

  • Spanish Speakers
  • Arabic Speakers
  • Individuals with Health Conditions


Based on clinical appropriateness, we may provide letters at a rate of $25 per letter. We do not complete forms for FMLA, disability claims, or emotional support animals (ESA) as these are outside of our scope of practice. All letters require a minimum of 3 business days to complete.

Legal Services

It is in our consent form that we do not participate in child custody cases including making recommendations regarding parenting time, appearing in court, or providing letters that relate to child custody.

If we receive a subpoena from the courts on your behalf for any reason, we will require payment for the full day of attendance due to lost pay that would have been acquired while working, even if our presence is only required for a short period. We charge $140 per hour for all time involved including but not limited to consultation, documentation review, legal appearance, etc. A retainer for these services is required.

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