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Art Show 2024: Passage

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Call for Creators!

By completing the sign-up form, you are reserving your spot in the Passage Gallery and are agreeing to the following guidelines.

  • ALL Artwork must be related to the concept of ‘Passage’ and/or demonstrate ideas pertaining to movement through art.
  • There are NO limitations to media choice or size and dimensions of artwork.
  • Artwork must have a label affixed to the back or an unseen part of artwork stating artist name, preferred display name, title of art piece, media and materials used, and approximate dimensions.
  • ALL artwork NEEDS to be mounted and/or framed.
  • Any artwork not ready to be hung will not be displayed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • ALL gallery artwork must be delivered to the Taproot office by announced date (TBD). Please note detailed instructions regarding artwork drop off and pick up will be provided later to all gallery participants
  • Gallery art participants are not required to attend the show (but attendance is encouraged). You do not need to be present for the duration of the show.

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